Groundbreaking, ground-based autonomy.

Forterra is shaping autonomous vehicle systems to serve and support soldiers and civilians working on the front lines.

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AutoDrive is Forterra’s full-stack autonomous vehicle system, designed to bring multi-modal self-driving capabilities to any vehicle platform running in any operating environment.

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AutoDrive - HSR
  • Structured or unstructured environments
  • On-road, off-road, rural and industrial sites
  • First and last-mile logistics and warehouse operations
  • High-density, multi-obstruction pedestrian areas
  • GPS-denied locations
  • Low-light and low-visibility situations

The world’s most robust autonomous driving system.

Running independently or side-by-side with human drivers, AutoDrive helps customers meet complex transportation, logistics and distribution duties efficiently and with increased safety.

Human centric


The key measure of AutoDrive success is ensuring  autonomous vehicles empower their human counterparts. AutoDrive is rooted in human-centric design to deliver powerful, intuitive technology that elevates the operator.

All environments

All Environments

AutoDrive is engineered with the expectation that it must excel in all customer environments as they exist, without need for infrastructure enhancements - from logistics centers, to industrial sites, to battleground terrain with no roads at all.

Intelligent behaviors

Intelligent Behaviors

Going beyond baseline attributes, AutoDrive has been infused with specialized capabilities and autonomous vehicle maneuvers that support differing rules and customer types, based on each’s discreet operating environment.

Autonomous navigation for defense and industry.


AutoDrive tackles tough autonomy challenges, on and off the battlefield.


AutoDrive has deployed to complex industry environments around the globe.

Forterra for commercial

See AutoDrive in action.

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