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AutoDrive Kit Tiers

AutoDrive is available for small, medium, and large tier vehicles. Larger vehicles generally require additional sensors and cabling.

The AutoDrive hardware can be purchased upfront with a hardware warranty and separate software license, or can be purchased on a subscription model that bundles the cost of hardware, software, and support into one annual fee.

Integration sprints.

Forterra has integrated onto more than 40 different vehicle types. While AutoDrive is vehicle agnostic, each new vehicle requires an initial integration of the AutoDrive hardware. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the scope of the integration, Forterra offers Small, Medium, and Large Integration Sprints to enable adjusting AutoDrive to fit a new base vehicle platform.

Warranty plans.

Forterra’s warranty ensures that hardware replacement items are stocked and ready to ship within 96 hours of notification. The warranty includes: shipping, installation support, and inventory stocking of hardware items. Without a warranty, lead times for hardware replacements for certain items can take up to 55 weeks for delivery. Our warranty ensures that replacement systems on hand for customers.

Software license.

Tiered options for AutoDrive Basic and AutoDrive with varying capabilities. AutoDrive Basic includes Waypoint and Teleoperation for small platforms. AutoDrive adds a priori (pre-mapped) navigation and leader-follower autonomy with beyond line-of-sight capability for large platforms. Licenses are valid for one year and include upgrades and improvements via Forterra software releases.

Demo events and test services.

Forterra offers support for a range of demonstrations and test events that cover preparation, onsite support, and post-demo test data packages and test incident reports.

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