Hard work, home safe.

From battlefields to complex logistics and distribution operations in industry, AutoDrive®  helps soldiers and civilian front-line workers handle the hard work and accomplish their mission.

Topography Lines

Industry-leading autonomous vehicle system.

AutoDrive is the leading driverless system for complex conditions.

Through continuous improvement and real-time hardening on roads, back country, and battlefield terrain, it is the most widely deployed ground vehicle autonomy in the defense industry.

AutoDrive has also been deployed in cities, distribution centers, ports, intermodals, and natural resource industrial sites to address commercial autonomy challenges in 10 countries.

Vehicle-platform and payload agnostic
In-Vehicle, Remote or Garrison Oversight
Modular, Open, Scalable Architecture
Off-Road/On-Road, Structured/Unstructured Environments
All Weather / Poor Visibility
GPS-Denied Operation
Single-Vehicle Waypoint Route Navigation
Multi-Vehicle Convoys and Platooning
Static and Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance
Mission Re-Pathing
Retrotraverse and Reverse Platooning, with Trailers
Collaborative Search and Global Mapping

Fully integrated ground navigation.

AutoDrive’s end-to-end system manages dynamic driving tasks in real time across operational and tactical functions.

The software-hardware suite includes localization, perception, behavior generation, and command and control communications with the base vehicle drive-by-wire to accomplish complex missions.


Local or remote oversight.

AutoDrive runs under the watchful eye of on-site or remote operators that can direct, re-direct or suspend autonomous traffic at a moment’s notice.

For human input to vehicle movement, AutoDrive’s interoperability profile (IOP) and modular open systems approach (MOSA) fundamentals support a variety of mission command layers.

Onboard Interface

In-cab controls enabling ride-alongs or safety drivers to directly input autonomous mission guidance to the system.

Remote Operator Console

Remote Operator Console

Long-distance oversight system supporting remote monitoring of multiple vehicles, remote driver assistance, and remote driver take-over.

Garrison-style Controller

Garrison-style Controller

Handheld wireless interface supports multiple operating systems (ATAK, WMI, others) for in-field autonomous governance and side-by-side teleoperation.

Autonomous navigation for defense and industry.


AutoDrive tackles tough autonomy challenges, on and off the battlefield.


AutoDrive has deployed to complex industry environments around the globe.

Forterra for commercial