Autonomy for Industry.

Accelerating autonomy adoption, strengthening logistics fundamentals, and making the hard work safer and easier for front-line workers.

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Autonomous applications for logistics and distribution.

Forterra deploys advanced autonomous capabilities to commercial and industrial organizations that share a vision for improved efficiency, reduced cost, and greater safety on the ground.

Forterra for commercial
Forterra for commercial
Forterra for commercial

Focus areas:

Distribution Centers
Truck Ports
Ports, Railheads, and Intermodals
Manufacturing and Logistics Centers with Private Drayage
Natural Resource Harvesting and Processing

End-to-end autonomy for mixed fleet operators and OEMs.

Forterra for commercial
Forterra for commercial

Forterra’s AutoDrive has been fielded in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and transit platforms. Through real-world experience, Forterra has learned how to successfully deploy vehicle-platform agnostic technologies that address highly-differentiated customer environments.

Purpose-built intelligent autonomous behaviors.

Forterra’s AutoDrive features intelligent autonomous behaviors developed to address environment-based operating maneuvers required for customer success.

OV1 Forterra
Throttle and Brake Control
Perceive & Predict
Obstacle Avoidance
Manage Complex Traffic
Precision Trailer Maneuvers
Hitching and Docking
Convoy Operations
Remote Operations

See AutoDrive in action.

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