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Robotic Research and TESIAC Announce Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Urban Mobility

June 14, 2021
Robotic Research and TESIAC Announce Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Urban Mobility


Relationship will advance future-proof, smart city, mobility options for public and private sectors

CLARKSBURG, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robotic Research, a global leader in autonomous driving technology and solutions, announced today that it has formed a strategic relationship with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider TESIAC to deliver advanced mobility options as part of a larger smart city offering to government and private industry customers.

“TESIAC’s ability to provide a comprehensive, continuously upgraded infrastructure solution that requires no initial capital outlay is a game-changer, not just for mobility, but for energy, operations, and management too,” said Eddie Mottern, Executive Vice President for Robotic Research. “We’re honored to form this strategic alliance and be TESIAC’s autonomy partner for this next-generation mobility offering.”

Robotic Research will be leveraging its extensive experience deploying autonomy solutions for the mass transit, trucking, first-last mile, and accessible transit markets, as well as its support of Programs of Record for the U.S. military, such as Expedient-Leader Follower. Thanks to its 19-year-long history working with the Department of Defense, Robotic Research has created one of the largest autonomous vehicle fleets in the world.

TESIAC will benefit from Robotic Research’s experience to execute on its mission of developing a solution set for smart city projects with mobility at its core. With the support of private capital investment from TESIAC’s capital partners, these projects will be developed with the client’s end goals in mind. Preparing for full autonomy is one of the critical elements of TESIAC’s technology continuum which, through private investment, provides customers with a peace of mind that solutions can be programmatically upgraded and will not become outdated or obsolete within the scope of a project.

“TESIAC focuses on scalable and integrated infrastructure to bring efficient and more effective practices to sustainable development,” said Karen Morgan, a Managing Partner at TESIAC; “And with its vast experience, Robotic Research will help TESIAC create an ‘innovation continuum’ to meet its’ clients objectives.”

TESIAC, Robotic Research, and Verizon are organizing partners of the Electric Mobility Symposium (EMS) to be held on June 24th, at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, in San Diego. EMS brings together companies and technologies that make up this next-generation, smart city ecosystem, showing how 5G, autonomous mobility, electric vehicles, and microgrid technology unlock the clean, connected base of the future.

“It’s all about showing how these various technologies create an ecosystem that not only makes life better on a military base but can—and will—be replicated in the civilian world, with municipalities and private industry,” said Mottern.

About Robotic Research

Robotic Research is U.S.-based, global leader in localization, autonomy, and robotic technology transforming the way we move. Founded in 2002, the Company has been a trusted technology partner to the public and private sector for nearly twenty years. From people to platforms, at home or overseas, Robotic Research is driven to make the way you move smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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TESIAC is a Managed Services Platform that delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service to public and private entities through flexible project management and innovative financial structures. TESIAC operates at the nexus of mobility, technology, energy, and capital markets. By doing so we enable integrated and interoperable systems to enhance overall efficiencies, increase operational performance, and create layers of sustainable value. TESIAC brings together an experienced interdisciplinary team and partners with new and advanced technologies. Our core principles are centered around smart city development with a focus on climate, social equity, and job creation.

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